ArtTrav’s new look

Posted on April 14, 2012


I haven’t been doing much public speaking lately, nor publishing anything exciting enough to share here, thus the lack of updates. I have also been very happily busy at my job at Flod, where I have been in charge of some interesting social media projects.

But I do have one exciting update: a new look for ArtTrav! The logo is by Flod’s art director, Marco Badiani, and its fresh colours and funky feeling inspired an overhaul of the theme. Like having a new set of clothes, it’s made me want to blog more, and to notch up the quality of my work. The new slogan, “Life, Art & Travel in Italy” more properly reflects the direction the blog has taken in the past two years, and I feel inspired to live up to the graphics and slogan. Wish me luck!

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