Talkin’ Foursquare and Tuscany at the Girl Geek Dinner

Posted on October 25, 2010


I was very happy to be invited to speak about Foursquare and tourism at the second Girl Geek Dinner Toscana held during the Festival of Creativity in Florence on October 24th 2010. The Cafetteria delle Oblate was the beautiful location for this event, appropriately set up with multiple monitors, a mike, and free wifi (with your city library card).

In my position as a member of the social media team that promotes tourism in Tuscany, I was asked to present the new Visit Tuscany Foursquare branded channel, after which I decided to talk a bit about the possibilities for tourism and foursquare in general. This talk was in Italian, of course! Here are the slides. Near the comments box on slideshare there’s a tab where you can click to see the “speaker’s notes”.

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