Am I an art history blogger?

Posted on October 25, 2010


In a recent interview (of me, again – I know, too many of these!), Hasan Niyazi of “Three Pipe Problem” blog has me pegged as a pioneer art history blogger. I don’t consider myself a pioneer in anything, nor had I ever really thought of defining myself as an “art history blogger”. Is that what I am? Or am I just an art historian, who blogs?

I have always considered myself a travel blogger who sees things through the eyes of someone with a deep background in art history. Some of my posts, especially in the early days of arttrav, are more based on book-learning, but I’m a big believer in the importance of the experience of looking, and I try to transmit this personal experience in my writing. I hope my readers will have the privilege of following in my footsteps and visiting some of the art that I see every day here in Italy, but just in case, I do my best to provide them with plenty of photos and video for armchair travel.

So, thanks Hasan for your probing questions and all your encouragement – I recommend checking out “3PP” not just for the art history articles but also for the great “blogroll” or list of related resources on the left sidebar.

PS – Hasan makes “custom numerals” for his interviews and he created the image you see for my interview questions. It’s great that he chose female artists as my theme – I guess my enthusiasm for them shows in my blogs! This self-portrait of Sofanisba Anguissola has always haunted me somewhat.

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