Interview on Eye on Italy Podcast

Posted on October 20, 2010


Captured by the paparazzi while eating ice cream in public.

It was a lot of fun to record this podcast with the trio of power bloggers behind Eye on Italy – Sara, Jessica, and Michelle – which almost sounds like something out of Sex and the City. They asked great questions about off-the-beaten-track museums in Florence and what might be a good weekend itinerary in Tuscany beyond Florence. One of their facebook fans even sent in a question about contemporary art in Tuscany that I was happy to answer! They’ve given me blog post fodder for a month or so.

The podcast/article saw a discreet success on facebook since so many bloggers were involved, and my only gripe is that the profile photo that I’d sent in had been cropped. I was getting comments about my being a fashion diva. That’s because the humour of this photo had been cropped out: I was almost finished eating a Croccantino Cornetto, while walking down the street; there was a strange lady behind me and it’s just slightly out of focus as my dad took this photo with a super telephoto lens. The paparazzi look cracked me up; I am not a diva. I am eating ice cream.

Torture yourself with a full half hour of my voice by listening to the podcast “Tuscany: discovering art in Florence and beyond“.

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